Our services

Our services

We are dedicated to the manufacture of custom machinery since 2006.

Integration and combination of robots and machine vision, for processes requiring real-time control
Turnkey solutions for the optimization and control of industrial production
Design and manufacture of custom industrial machinery
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Our Products

Our biggest potential is talent, professionalism and seriousness. We work to improve your production.

Our Products

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Ingi 4.0

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An all around solution for 4.0 Industry

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We work to develop our clients' projects in the most successful way.

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Our Philosophy

Ingimec positions itself as an engineering company that offers a wide range of services for different sectors and needs. Our purpose is customer loyalty, based on clients satisfaction, seeking and thus achieving long-term cooperation. The fact of working in a wide variety of products and sectors gives us a broad knowledge base to be able to solve any problem.

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